Friday, 9 September 2011

elzhi @ fu bar auckland 08/09/11

things i wrote down in my notebook during the night/afterwards:

majority of people at gig are males wearing those hats that all the g's wear, one of them said "fuct" on it

damn, forgot that i existed (or wish i didn't os)

trying to be objective, like i am observing some kind of hip hop/red-wine fuelled experiment

in a toilet cubicle touching the walls thinking "why am i here"

just ate an ice cube wtf

felt really detached from my own body, feels [something]

maybe i should stand up idk

thought my pen was a cigarette like literally

so drunk idc about my shit anymore

(later) where did all my shit go

elzhi is a shawty

want a cigarette that tastes like caramel popcorn

elzhi kept saying "one love" and getting people to hold up one finger to indicate this. thought "is god the one thing we are supposed be loving? lol"

just wanna be a fly honey idgaf

elzhi did nas tributes, seemed legit (trying to stay topical)

everybody is smoking cigarettes and i am eating a carrot

someone suggested we move onto to "greener pastures" and i said "wish we could go to a literal green pasture"

the whale rider girl (keisha castle-hughes) was at the gig, outside she yelled out "tongaaaa" whilst another guy ran into the middle of the road waving a nz flag around ("jesus")

had fruit in my bag and handed some out to people, one guy was like "ooh, i'll have a segment" re: mandarin

hope someone remembers me as the weird girl with all the fruit

sitting in an egg of some sort, feels safe in here

feels like there is something growing in my hair, a lil creature os

is this life or twitter?

wanna die.. lol, jesus...

"this is our punishment for not believing in god" - laura re: going to a bar where people were unashamedly grinding

going back to my friends house and skating down her road on a longboard

our taxi driver pio came inside to hang out with us, he was this old fijian guy, chill ass

friend's flat mates got up for work, eating their cereal while we "cranked" regulate by warren g

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