Friday, 2 September 2011


In Wellington everything is close together. Unless you live in certain suburbs. I live very close to town and walk everywhere. Recently I have taken to reading as I walk. It seems mildly dangerous. I have almost bumped into a lot of people. One day I was walking along a path on a hill and there was a steep drop to my left. I was seperated from a cliff by a small fence. Thinking back, I realise that if I had lost my balance on the steep hill I could have easily fallen over the railing and been seriously injured. I am a daredevil.

Everyday I visit the library. As I walk there I read. When I arrive I read. As I walk home I read. Today I borrowed a huge pile of comics. I had forgotten to bring my backpack so on my way home I carried the bundle of comics as if it was a baby. Even with my arms busy cradling comics I still read poetry to myself on the walk home. I considered how dangerous it would be to lose yourself in reading while carrying a young child across busy streets. I am a terrible father.

Since I have taken up this habit of reading while walking I have run into many old acquaintances I know through basketball. They greet me and then look at me strangely. "Why is he reading a book?" they are thinking. I don't play basketball anymore. "He's gone soft," they are thinking. They ask me if I still rap. I say, "No. I write poetry now." I am losing my street cred. How do I get my street cred back? Please help me


  1. nice nice nice.

    you can get street cred back by selling out and doing commercials.

  2. recently somebody told me that they were going to try to ban txting while you walk because it's dangerous and i countered with the fact that people will always find distractions when they are walking.
    jax have you watched any slam poetry? i went to this 'global poetics' tour thing the other night and this guy called ken arkin performed and it was really amazing and i wish it was a thing here!!!