Saturday, 28 January 2012

I want to

Read at least six books of over 500 pages

Finish an Online Diploma of Creative Writing

Write a book

Get a job

Get my Restricted Driver's License

Saturday, 14 January 2012


i think in 2012 i will go on the internet less, instead of this i think i will sit outside and read and drink tea

i have to get a job

i also want to go visit people i like that live in different places

go to more gigs

that's all

oh, and listen to more diana ross and the supremes

Friday, 6 January 2012


things i want to happen:
  1. be more generous
  2. play more playstation
  3. get a job that isn't hospitality (wanna look after kids/teach/do research)
  4. be real frugal
  5. save lots of money for going overseas maybe
  6. try and live more minimally (based on the things i am taking to wellington this seems unlikely)

things i think will happen:
  1. gonna die in earthquake via building falling on me
  2. wart will turn out to be melanoma and i will have to get it removed (r.i.p. wart)
  3. cat will die
  4. will start selling drugs to pay rent (0274287546)
  5. will make a lot of pizza on birthday pizza stone 

things i am looking forward to:
  1. the fringe festival
  2. going to auckland
  3. maybe going overseas
  4. getting to see bands that i wouldn't get to see in chch
  5. making new friends
  6. being in a purple house with people i like

    Monday, 2 January 2012

    me & 2012

    sorry i never post on this blog but i never log into the right account and it seems arduous to do so..

    but i will try harder

    in 2012 i will be in the northern hemisphere for a lot of the time i think. people here, in england, have been asking me what my motivation for doing this was. and i am also wondering this, because they all tell me that it's really hard to get a job in the uk and it's really expensive to live in london - both things that i am going to try and do. pessimism is looming. but sometimes optimism is also looming. but i am going to try anyway. and i think that it will be okay. i am going to try to work in london. i don't really care what i do there, but at the moment i am applying for some nice jobs. if i can't get a nice job (by nice i mean like comms/media/arts job) then i will get a lame job doing mostly anything

    i want to go to germany for a while around mid year when it has gotten a bit warmer here. this is because i studied german at high school. i also want to go to spain because it seems really awesome but i am afraid of gypsies a little bit. i also want to go to czech republic, turkey, sweden, iceland, bulgaria (or miscellaneous eastern european countries), poland and probably france again. but i don't know how much money i will be able to save so i guess we'll seeeee what happens.

    people keep telling me that australia is 'doing well' at the moment (like australia just had a baby, mother & daughter both doing fine) and i feel annoyed when i am told this because i am not there at the moment. but the idea is to have swifter/cheaper access to europe. i don't know why this is important to me.

    before i left i sort of thought i would just try to stay away at least 6 months.
    when i arrived in america i felt like my heart was going to explode on a daily basis and perhaps i would only be able to bear spending 3 months max away
    arriving in the uk it feels like i barely had a life back home, i don't know what i did there
    and now i sense that there is a lot to do and the world is so big and now i'm here i just have to get on with it all

    i don't have 'resolutions' really apart from just hoping that i get to do at least a few of the things i mentioned above : )))

    oh but i want to read a lot and sort of be a recluse and just read lots, also want to develop a taste for pernod

    Sunday, 1 January 2012

    new theme: 2012

    i kind of just want to hear about yr plans for 2012 guys, new years 'resolutions' (if you have any), and anything else cool that might be happening this year that you're looking forward to ::)