Thursday, 23 June 2011

I've never been to a church service

I’ve been to weddings and funerals at churches

I used to get out audio books of bible stories because I liked the stories. Samson was awesome

In primary school I was in the school choir. It wasn’t a good choir and I wasn’t one of the best in it. The Christmas songs were my favourite. Some of them were religious and some of them weren’t

When I was 17 I travelled around Europe for 6 weeks with my family. We visited a lot of beautiful churches. I sat and thought thoughts that might have been prayers

I have a Christian friend who is very involved with his church. I went to his youth group twice. The first time was fun, the second not so much

There’s a great Hare Krishna about five minutes walk for my house. They play music through speakers there and all the songs have the same lyrics

A lot of the rappers I listen to wear iced out Jesus chains