Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Dalai Lama has rectangular-shaped glasses with Transition lenses

it must be awesome being the
Dalai Lama

when he’s on chat I bet he’s like


that’s how he laughs irl

the Dalai Lama is so sweet
so chill
so content
and giggly!
we could learn a lot
‘cept how to hongi
(he forgot that)

sorry I forgot”
he said
and touched a nose with his nose

the Dalai Lama told me to be happy
he said be optimistic
he said some stuff about the earthquake
we mustn’t be afraid
everything that happens is natural


there is a pile of dust and plaster on my floor which I brushed off my bed
it fell out of the wall the other day in a big aftershock onto the person sleeping beside me


I dipped a nacho chip into some curry




  1. Dalai Lama Dust Nachos yall.

    This is good, I like this. :)

  2. thinking about nacho chip curry

  3. the dalai lama can't reach perfect enlightenment because he is too attached to being so cute


  4. The person sleeping beside you seems nice.