Sunday, 12 June 2011

Flash Lightning

Slick, sweet sweat dripped down the back of his spine, providing more irritation than relief in the humid summer. He stood exactly at the edge of the shadows: a thin line between the spiritless woods and the grassy plains. With the clouds obscuring the sun, the light/shade boundary was faint, invisible unless you knew where to look. But he wasn't looking at the pale shadows or the ground under his feet, instead his head was tilted as far back as it would go, craning towards the dark sky.
Regnant clouds processed past him, marching towards the horizon, away from here - towards better people and more interesting places.
I want to be part of the water cycle, he thought, and be evaporated, condensed and precipitated far away. Staring at the sky, he felt that this could happen, if only he focused long enough.


The first shot of lighting forked towards the earth. Throwing light onto the woods with an LED flash.
A few raindrops splashed across his upturned face and palms


Another flicker, weaker than the last. His head snapped forward to watch;
breaking his focus.