Monday, 2 January 2012

me & 2012

sorry i never post on this blog but i never log into the right account and it seems arduous to do so..

but i will try harder

in 2012 i will be in the northern hemisphere for a lot of the time i think. people here, in england, have been asking me what my motivation for doing this was. and i am also wondering this, because they all tell me that it's really hard to get a job in the uk and it's really expensive to live in london - both things that i am going to try and do. pessimism is looming. but sometimes optimism is also looming. but i am going to try anyway. and i think that it will be okay. i am going to try to work in london. i don't really care what i do there, but at the moment i am applying for some nice jobs. if i can't get a nice job (by nice i mean like comms/media/arts job) then i will get a lame job doing mostly anything

i want to go to germany for a while around mid year when it has gotten a bit warmer here. this is because i studied german at high school. i also want to go to spain because it seems really awesome but i am afraid of gypsies a little bit. i also want to go to czech republic, turkey, sweden, iceland, bulgaria (or miscellaneous eastern european countries), poland and probably france again. but i don't know how much money i will be able to save so i guess we'll seeeee what happens.

people keep telling me that australia is 'doing well' at the moment (like australia just had a baby, mother & daughter both doing fine) and i feel annoyed when i am told this because i am not there at the moment. but the idea is to have swifter/cheaper access to europe. i don't know why this is important to me.

before i left i sort of thought i would just try to stay away at least 6 months.
when i arrived in america i felt like my heart was going to explode on a daily basis and perhaps i would only be able to bear spending 3 months max away
arriving in the uk it feels like i barely had a life back home, i don't know what i did there
and now i sense that there is a lot to do and the world is so big and now i'm here i just have to get on with it all

i don't have 'resolutions' really apart from just hoping that i get to do at least a few of the things i mentioned above : )))

oh but i want to read a lot and sort of be a recluse and just read lots, also want to develop a taste for pernod