Friday, 6 January 2012


things i want to happen:
  1. be more generous
  2. play more playstation
  3. get a job that isn't hospitality (wanna look after kids/teach/do research)
  4. be real frugal
  5. save lots of money for going overseas maybe
  6. try and live more minimally (based on the things i am taking to wellington this seems unlikely)

things i think will happen:
  1. gonna die in earthquake via building falling on me
  2. wart will turn out to be melanoma and i will have to get it removed (r.i.p. wart)
  3. cat will die
  4. will start selling drugs to pay rent (0274287546)
  5. will make a lot of pizza on birthday pizza stone 

things i am looking forward to:
  1. the fringe festival
  2. going to auckland
  3. maybe going overseas
  4. getting to see bands that i wouldn't get to see in chch
  5. making new friends
  6. being in a purple house with people i like

    1 comment:

    1. sad about potential cat death, mine is a bit dippy too..

      purple house yay though! wooo

      you can come stay with me if you come to UK <3