Saturday, 25 February 2012

ways that i write

the irony of not being able to write about writing has been getting to me so i'm just going to write about the various outlets that i use to facilitate my writing instead

my notebook
when i am not at home i write in my notebook. it is black and lined. i keep buying the same one from whitcoulls because it delivers all that i desire in a notebook (the fact that you can write in it, mostly, but there are also several other factors to consider such as appropriate size to fit into bags, colour, general 'vibes' and so forth)

this notebook mostly contains stream-of-consciousness type musings, which i usually look at when i get home and compile into a poem via typing it into my mac book. i find writing a poem or anything easier via a computer. i usually carry my notebook with me at all times. yesterday however, i forgot to take it and had to buy another notebook (and a pen) b/c i felt that if i didn't write something down i would go cray cray. the notebook i bought was on sale for 30c, a '3B1' type affair

this is what the most recent page of my notebook has on it:

if i could record the sounds of my body right now it would be something like a mountain goats song and cicadas singing loudly (drunk)

rubbish bags, noodles, pesto, cheese, wraps, spinach, apples, pasta sauce, tofu, snax (shopping list)

usually i write tweets when i am in bed feeling lonely/sad and listening to ridiculous pop music to make me feel better

text message
i suppose these are similar to tweets in a way sometimes, only directed at specific people

instant messaging
i do this daily via skype, facebook and gchat, usually with the same few people but occasionally i branch out. there tends to be a range in content, but common themes are sadness, food, things we have done today, posting links to hip hop videos and saying 'lol'.

usually correspond with a few people at any one time. it's a good way to converse with people, as it allows you to feel cathartic via typing out recent things you have done/ways you have felt whilst also saying things that relate to the other participant

textedit via macbook
i have this text edit document called 'notes' which i write everything in. under 'poetry' i have bits of poems that i couldn't make work or have been discarded from other poems, and i go back to them every now and again and eventually it becomes a thing. usually draft blog posts and anything else i want to write is in there

i write things in zines that i am making

sometimes i write things on my hands

i think that's it

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