Sunday, 27 November 2011

'Politics' should not be a synonym for 'government'

On my way to vote I walked past a bakery
and saw through the window a pain au chocolat.
I thought, 'maybe I will buy that on my way back'

I stood in the polling booth and ticked three boxes.
There was one section of the form I didn't fill in
as if it were a test that I hadn't sufficiently studied for

I felt guilty for voting so ignorantly
(I was much more well informed during the last election),
but I also would  have felt guilty if I hadn't voted at all

I would feel guilty about being apathetic.
Is it a paradox to feel guilty about being apathetic?
I have always believed that an apathetic person is a pathetic person

On the way home I walked past the bakery,
only 15 minutes had passed but the store was now closed.
I feel most guilty that I cared more about losing the pastry than the election